Paradise Alley

At the height of the Klondike gold rush, Dawson City Was a Lively boomtown filled with saloons, dance halls, brothels, and gambling dens.  A thirsty miner seeking entertainment could find a drink, a game of chance, and a female companion at any hour of the day or night. The red light district of Dawson City nicknamed “Paradise Alley,” was a gumboot swallowing muddy street lined by the quarters of the “soiled doves”.

The darlings of Dawson were the glamorous dance hall actresses and singers, such as Klondike Kate Rockwell (Pictured Right), celebrated for their Paris gowns and champagne baths. Life was much harder for the women who sold dances and drinks or beckoned to miners from the windows of their one room “cribs”.

While many respectable wives, mothers, nurses, teachers, and businesswomen headed north, it is the women of the demi –monde who gave Dawson City its colorful reputation.

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